Wow, Zidane will release 10 players this summer!

Needless to say, the fact that Real Madrid has a squad full of star players. Nevertheless, that does not mean there are no players who continue to be maintained by the club.

According to information heard, manager Zinedine Zidane began to consider the discourse of the reshuffle of the Real Madrid squad in the upcoming transer exchange. Even the rumors, there are 10 players in total who will be released to other clubs.

Of course, this overhaul cannot be separated from the failure of Los Blancos in the 2018/19 season campaign yesterday. As is known, last season Real Madrid failed to win any titles, their performance also tends to be mediocre.

Even this season there seems to be no significant progress, even though the club has spent more than 300 million Euros to bring in 5 new players in the transfer market. Therefore, Zidane will bring in new players to form a more competitive squad.

But in addition, the French coach will release a number of players who are considered no longer contributing to the team.

As reported by Sport, Zidane has determined who will be released. There are several players who will be invited by Zidane to look for a new club, three of which are senior club players.

First there is a winger from Wales, Gareth Bale. Actually, Zidane had long been rumored to want to kick Bale. In addition to his attitude, Bale is also considered to be no longer suitable to the current style of playing Real Madrid.

Last summer, Bale almost moved to the Chinese Club, but for some reason Real Madrid canceled the transfer. However, the former Tottenham hotspur is believed to be actually sold by Madrid next summer.

Apart from Bale, there are two other veteran players who will be kicked out by Zidane. They are Luka Modric and Marcelo. Modric will be removed by Zidane because of the age factor. Likewise, the Brazilian defender, Marcelo.

Moreover, Los Blancos already has the figure of Ferland Mendy, who has succeeded in replacing Marcelo’s role this season. So Zidane felt no need to keep the Brazilian player.

In addition, there are 7 other players who are believed to be included in the list of selling Madrid later. Including Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez.

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