WWE Wrestler trolls Liverpool’s failure as a Premier League champion

The figure of a stocky man named Elias is currently being wanted by Liverpool supporters. This status comes out based on Elias’s attitude that has made many Reds fans angry, because he was seen singing to taunt Liverpool by wearing a Manchester City jersey.

Elias is known as one of the WWE professional wrestlers. Maybe it was said to be fate or setting because WWE got permission to hold the show in the city of Liverpool, precisely at the M & S Bank Arena. This event was held shortly after the Premier League officially ended this season.

Liverpool also had to accept his fate by returning to being runner-up, because they could not shift the position of Manchester City at the top of the standings. Although they win over Wolverhampton, but Manchester City also successfully won, that means that the advantage of one point is enough to prove that they deserve to be the defending champion.

Elias who is a native of the United States participated in the WWE Live 2019 Tour event. His figure is known as a fighter character who often uses a guitar into the ring. On the show Elias again tapped his guitar in the ring to entertain the WWE fans in the city of Liverpool.

Interestingly here, when the action is tucked into the action of ridicule for the Reds fans. Not enough with the action of the story, Elias paused and then walked to the edge of the ring to change clothes and wear a Manchester City jersey.

The action immediately received a negative response from the audience who packed the stadium. Determine that then does not stop Elias’s action in the ring. The action was getting hotter because he changed the lyrics of the song titled ‘Yesterday’, which was created and sung by the legendary band from Liverpool, The Beatles.

In his singing, Elias mocked the failure of Liverpool’s English Premier League champions, and most recently he claimed Jurgen Klopp’s team would not be Champions League champions.

“Earlier today, Manchester City won their biggest match. Now Liverpool have no more matches. Except when they lost to Spurs in two weeks,” Thus the lyrics sung by Elias.

“At the Beatles’ house, you may not be able to rewrite the lyrics of their hit song” Yesterday “or wear a particular team’s jersey!”

Apart from the action of Elias controversy in the ring, it should be inputted information about the match between Manchester City with Liverpool in this season claimed to be an extraordinary battle and deserves to be included in the history of the English Premier League because it only separated one point difference.

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