Yamaha considered itself missed opportunities

Massimo Meregalli as Director of the Monster Energy Yamaha Team thinks that his team has wasted opportunities in the MotoGP event this season. This relates to the absence of the defending champion, Marc Marquez.

The Repsol Honda rider who is predicted as a strong candidate to win this season, has indeed suffered an injury since the first series at Jerez. The injury is quite severe and is in danger of being absent until this season ends.

During the past five series, the fact is Yamaha has only won two races, both through the same rider, Fabio Quartararo in the first two series in a row.

After that, none of the riders from this Japanese manufacturer managed to become the winner. This is what Meregalli regrets, according to him, Yamaha should be able to take advantage of the defending champion’s absence.

“We can say that, for some reason, we all waste Marc’s absence. Obviously some people are happy and some are not. But we should take advantage of the absence of riders who are not competing,”

“In this sport, it is easy to plan, but then many factors determine the end result. I find it difficult to judge. It is a combination of situations which, unfortunately, we cannot use as we want,” Meregalli said via DAZN.

Currently, Fabio Quartararo is still at the top of the standings, but he is not from the Monster Energy Yamaha Team, but from the Petronas SRT Satellite Team.

But Meregalli doesn’t care, the important thing is that the Rider comes from Yamaha, so he will be very happy if finally El Diablo can maintain his position at the top until the season ends.

“There is no number one rider at Yamaha, and obviously I speak to represent Monster Energy Yamaha, and it would be nice if both of our riders could win. But if we can’t do it, what’s important is the Yamaha rider who wins,” Meregalli concluded.

Next, four Yamaha riders will meet again on the track in the San Marino MotoGP, which will be held at Marco Simoncelli’s Misano World Circuit from 11 to 13 September 2020.

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