Yamaha ‘pessimist’ Lorenzo could appear as wildcard rider

Dorna Sports is planning to hold MotoGP again this season, with no spectators and pressing the number of crew present at the Circuit. If so, Yamaha Managing Director Lin Jarvis was pessimistic about Jorge Lorenzo’s chances of going down as a Wildcard rider.

The former Spaniard has worked as a test rider from a Japanese manufacturer since the beginning of the year. He too agreed to become a Yamaha Wildcard rider in the Catalaunya series which originally planned to be held on 5-7 June 2020.

However, we know very well that the first few MotoGP series this year have been officially postponed, including the Catalunya series. No other reason is the Corona Virus Pandemic which is increasingly worrying, as a result there has been no definitive news about the continuation of this racing competition.

MotoGP Promoters This season, Dorna Sports is in intense communication with IRTA on the issue of rolling out competition again without the presence of an audience. They will also ask IRTA to reduce the number of crew present during the race.

That option was considered the best solution in the midst of this situation, but because the number of crews had to be limited, Lin Jarvis doubted Lorenzo could play as a Wildcard Rider.

“This is a difficult situation, because we are trying to push the number of people in the paddock to a minimum. “If we lose Jorge, it means we have to bring 8-9 additional people to the wildcard race,” Jarvis said.

Lorenzo himself had discussed this, he claimed to be willing if his chance to appear was delayed until the Motegi series, Japan. However, Lin Jarvis is still pessimistic about the delay.

“I don’t know if we can see Jorge on the grid. At first we wanted to drop him in Barcelona, ​​and also had the thought to be dropped at Motegi,” continued Jarvis.

But apart from that, Lin Jarvis hopes the man from Spain will remain as a Yamaha Rider test next season.

“I’m glad he was happy after the difficulties at Honda. But I think he felt frustrated, because in the trials he did not understand how fast he was to get back in the race. I hope he will still be our test rider if he does not return to racing, “he concluded.

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