Yes Coronavirus is dangerous, but don’t underestimate dengue fever!

The world community is currently being hit by the Coronavirus Outbreak, including Indonesia. However, there are also other outbreaks that cannot be ignored, including Dengue Fever or DBD

The spread of the Coronavirus Outbreak or COVID-19 is indeed very fast. Recorded since December 2019 until now, there have been 185 thousand more cases throughout the world. In Indonesia, there are more than 100 cases.

No wonder the community then begins to take preventative measures such as using masks to clean their hands with a hand sanitizer. Indeed, preventive measures like this need to be done.

However, it must also be remembered that not only is the Coronavirus affecting us, but there is also an outbreak of dengue fever. In fact, in Indonesia itself, the dengue virus is also one of the frightening specters.

What exactly is dengue? As reported by the WHO official website, dengue is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes that has spread rapidly in the world. This virus is transmitted by female mosquitoes, especially from aedes aegypti species and to a lesser extent, Ae. Albopictus.

Just like Coronavirus, dengue fever or DHF also shows early symptoms such as flu and fever. However, dengue fever if ignored or allowed to stand can cause complications.

In fact, severe bleeding can occur, damage to body organs and even leakage of plasma. More than that, if the level of DHF is too severe, it can cause death.

As reported by the official website of the Directorate of Health Promotion and Community Empowerment at the Ministry of Health, to prevent the spread of DHF, people are encouraged to carry out 3M Plus activities.

3M plus here, among others, is the first M, draining water reservoirs, such as bathtubs, water barrels and the like.

The second M is to close the water reservoirs again to avoid the breeding of DHF mosquitoes. The reason, dengue mosquitoes usually like to lay eggs and breed in clean water.

In addition, closing also means burying used goods that are already unused, so they do not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

And the last one is recycle used goods to become more useful items, such as making a leaky bucket as a plant pot and the like.

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