Yuni Shara concerned to see dead body of COVID-19 patients been rejected by locals

Indonesian artist, Yuni Shara admitted that she was very sympathetic and concerned to see the many bodies of COVID-19 patients who were rejected by local residents. According to her, this added to the suffering of the family left behind.

Indonesia is indeed in a Coronavirus emergency, where in total there have been more than 2,700 positive cases of COVID-19. The death toll has also reached more than 200 people. That is, the death rate is fairly high.

Ironically, many people who reject victims die because the Coronavirus is buried or cremated in their area. Whether because of lack of socialization from the local government or because of other things, the community considers the body can spread the virus to them.

This condition makes many parties feel concerned, including the beautiful Indonesian artist, Yuni Shara. If it is true that the news is heard, the ex-lover of Raffi Ahmad is very concerned.

“For events where the number of body rejections is very alarming. If I’m really concerned, for example, someone has experienced something like that, “said Yuni when contacted on Tuesday (4/4/2020).

Information circulating, the residents’ refusal made officers have to bury the body in a place far from the settlement. Like hills, bushes and the like. Yuni Shara added that she was sad to hear the news.

Moreover, the fact that the patient has suffered during the treatment and isolation period, they cannot meet with family and close colleagues.

“Because the condition of people who are sick has actually been isolated already is suffering. Because you can’t meet with your family, you have to be alone, “she continued.

Especially the patient’s family, they could not see relatives from isolation until death. In fact, they are prohibited from participating in burying the body. This situation made Yuni Shara ask the public not to refuse the dead bodies of COVID-19 patients.

“So, please do not do this. Because if for example there is a family that is so distressed will be sad surely, painful, so do not be added to things like that. After all there are those who take care,”said Yuni.

So far, more than 1,200,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been recorded worldwide.

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