Zidane finally revealed the purpose of Bale’s trip to England

Fans of Real Madrid are being upset by the news of the disappearance of Gareth Bale. It is known that the player was suddenly absent by asking permission to fly to England, and more precisely headed to London. Zinedine Zidane as head coach of EL Real, finally opened his voice after a long time of silence or refusing to give a statement on this situation.

Based on Zidane’s information, it can be concluded that he cannot explain the reason why Bale dared to leave Madrid at a crucial moment. Indeed there is news that explains that the decision of the player to go to London is a matter of course, and does not need to be exaggerated.

Although the departure was when Madrid had a schedule to play in La Liga, but still Bale’s departure was still considered reasonable as Zidane gave the permission. Interestingly here, when this situation is running hot, then a news emerged that there was negotiation related to the migration of the player to China.

According to several reliable sources, Bale and his agent invited parties from the Chinese club to come to London with an effort to get more perfect clarity. Currently Bale is injured. The case this time is unique, Bale asked the club not to release its medical information and did not want everything to be leaked to the public.

According to Zidane, Bale’s departure was nothing strange and everything went normal. All had gone through the permit process, and he got permission from the club and Zidane. Bale was allowed to leave because of the injury he was trying to cure in London.

“Bale has talked to the club because he has a number of personal matters and he has the right to do so. I cannot say what is happening. Every player has the right to their privacy, that’s all. So this is about two things, he has a personal matter and he got permission from the club, “said Zidane.

Zidane did not want to make this issue hotter and widen everywhere. Bale only went to take care of personal matters, Zidane’s answer was so firm.

“There is no drama to be conveyed. He went to London because he could not play, but he never said he wanted to leave the club. This situation is actually very simple. He asked for permission from the club and the club gave permission, that’s all, “he concluded.

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