Zidane heaped praise for Bale’s performance at El Clasico

Casemiro may be the man of the match in the El Clasico match at Camp Nou this morning, but the only player to get a flattery from manager Zinedine Zidane regarding his performance at Barcelona headquarters is Wales striker, Gareth Bale.

As is known, Gareth Bale did appear together with Karim Benzema on the front lines of Los Blancos from the first minute and was irreplaceable until the fight ended. This is the first time he played as a starter since last against Deportivo in November.

In fact, Bale himself once scored a goal against Ter Stegen in the match, unfortunately the former Tottenham player’s goal was disallowed by the referee, after reviewing the VAR and deciding Bale to be in an offside position. In the end, Bale failed to score a goal. Likewise with other Real Madrid players and also Barcelona. Finally this time the El Clasico ended anti-climax.

However, coach Zinedine Zidane did not hesitate to flatter Bale’s overall performance in the match.

“Everything is playing well. Bale doesn’t play enough and he plays nicely, “Zidane said as quoted by Marca.

Bale received a special adulation from Zidane, but overall, the manager was pleased with the performance of his players. In fact, the French manager thinks that Real Madrid should be able to get better results.

“Kroos and Fed are in position, Raphael, Sergio all played well. The team made a big change. When you play in a game like that in this stadium … we deserve better results, “he said.

It must be admitted that Real Madrid’s performance throughout the match was so dominating. This is also evident from the match statistics, where Los Blancos fired 14 shots with six of them on target.

“The results are not very good for me. We should be able to do more, but it is indeed like football. If you have a chance, you have to score a goal and this is what we miss in a particular opportunity, “he concluded.

Real Madrid have the chance to win the next match this weekend, where they will face Athletic Bilbao in Santiago Bernabeu.

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