Zidane’s agent denies the issue of replacing Jose Mourinho

Lately, there has often been an issue about Zinedine Zidane who will replace Portugal’s manager, Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, following a number of disappointing results at the beginning of Premier League this season. But, the issue is almost certainly not true, after the refutation of the transfer agent of the coach.

As is known, Manchester United recorded a poor start at the start of this season. From 8 Premier League matches that have taken place, the Red Devils are only capable of packing 4 wins. In fact, in last weekend’s match against Newcastle United, Manchester United almost got humiliated at their own home, before finally recording the comeback and winning 3-2.

Not only that, they also failed to reap the full points, when dealing with Valencia in the European Champions League, while playing at home. The situation was also increasingly complicated following the emergence of news of the conflict between the coach Jose Mourinho and midfielder Paul Pogba. No wonder then, the issue of The Special One’s dismissal from the manager’s seat is sticking out.

“He chose to take a year of rest. He will not return before that. I don’t think he will go training in England, it’s not his style. I have been discussing with him, it doesn’t interest him at all.” said the agent to the French newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche.

At the same time, Migliaccio actually discussed the possibility of returning to Juventus more likely to materialize.

“There is a history there, it can come back to Juventus,” he continued.

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